Here I’ll describe some of the important projects I’ve worked on.

An industry-specific information provider company

I started as a hired remote part-time developer. Then full-time dev. Then moved on to build and manage a team to work on a rewrite of the core customer- facing software piece, starting off an existing database and a bunch of legacy code. The project was initially split into 10 stages, and that was the plan. The actual time spent on these 10 stages has exceeded the expectations, but it was completed, and after some bug fixing and data import care, the new version actually replaced the legacy code. In the following years the team I’ve been managing has added a great deal of features, rewrote most of the remaining legacy code, integrated the rest of it, has built a number of backend (administrative) systems and took over management of all of the web-facing infrastructure of the company.

The project included architecture design, multiple server migrations, multiple redesign / design update projects, multiple new feature roll-outs and bug fixing, multiple incident investigations, sometimes with deep debugging, performance improvement aims, internal documentation creation, consulting on the accessibility and user interface aspects.

Technologies “leveraged”: Perl: Catalyst / DBIx::Class, JavaScript: jQuery, jQuery UI, Postgresql, Linux, Amazon AWS: EC2, Nginx.

Another industry-specific information provider company

The project started as an investigation and consultant-support for some experiments in document processing, went on to building a prototype of a web application and then to a large (feature-packed) web application. As this project evolved, so did my role in this project: from a real-time perl coder- consultant to user interface designer to architecture designer to manager over other developers to system administrator. Kind-of a jack of all trades.

In the latter parts of the project, my part was more of an overall technology and architecture consultant.

Technologies employed: PHP, Perl, AWS: S3, EC2 & RDS, Mysql, JavaScript.

Consulting for Zentyal

Developer of a linux-based IT-management solution Zentyal asked me to help them figure out some issues with Perl and Unicode in their software. I happen to have enough experience with such issues in Perl. They have booked me for a two half-day remote consulting sessions, in which I’ve led them to better understand how Perl treats strings (character data) and what it needs to correctly convert them to Unicode (or recognize them as such already), where appropriate. Since we have discussed this on the material of the code they know and own, it was quick and clear. Together we have successfully resolved all issues in the matter of hours.

Open-source projects

The projects I’ve taken part in:

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I’m offering software development and system administration services.