Ivan Kurmanov: about myself

my face, a photo

My name is Ivan Kurmanov. I’m 35 and I’m an experienced software and web-site engineer, living in Minsk, Belarus. Most of my experience is a mix of programming (primarily, web applications), consulting, system administration and team & project management. As a sole proprietor I deliver services to customers around the world.

In the recent years I’ve programmed in Perl, JavaScript, shell scripting languages, XSLT & some PHP. Most of my projects had a database or several at its core, but I guess that’s standard for most web projects these days.

Most of my projects were small in terms of team size, but some were large in terms of scope and time length.

I don’t have a formal education in computer science, but I’ve been into programming and computers since my child years. In my 7th grade I was programming on paper when I had no access to a device. So, I am a self-taught guy.

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My pages elsewhere:

Some of the people that inspire me professionally: Bret Victor, Anatoly Levenchuk, Alan Kay, Mike Lee.

You can read about some of my projects.  You can read some articles I’ve written. You can browse some of the code I’ve written. You can talk to me over skype or email. You can engage me to help your projects; I’m open to offers and consultancy requests.