Here is what I currently offer.

Creating interactive web pages or sites with AngularJS

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Some websites are like a glossy magazine or a newspaper, but on a computer screen. Some other websites are more like a tool, an application, a means to an end. Such websites often provide useful features and do so via complicated interactions.

AngularJS is a powerful framework for building such interactive web pages (sites), web applications (especially the kind, that is known as single-page applications, SPA), with support for all major features of today’s web experience. The framework is originally developed by Google, and is opensource: available for the community to use for free. Also, it has a growing number 3rd party tools and extensions for it—the community is exceptionally productive. (See for example, these sites:, angular-ui.)

Here is a little demo of an AngularJS-powered website. (GitHub repo.)

I offer programming such sites/pages.

Debugging Perl scripts & applications

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Perl is a high-level programming language. I’ve been working with Perl for years, and I am very comfortable with it.

At the same time I have a little bizzare tendency to enjoy debugging (which many programmers hate and avoid). The mysterious bugs that sometimes happen cause such a curiousity inside me, that it keeps me motivated for hours and days, sometimes.

This includes the character data encoding/decoding issues, but certainly not limited to them.

Consulting on the Amazon Web Services

AWS is a great cloud platform for hosting and building computing and comunication systems today.

I can provide:

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