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Unicode support in Interchange

2005-08-06 16:11

Interchange is an open-source web-application server, that has grown out of an internet shop software.  At some point in time it was developed and maintained by RedHat, but now there is an independent group of developers, who took it over.

Interchange is written in Perl (mainly).

Interchange includes some machinery for internationlization (i18n) and localization (l10n), but not Unicode support. When I thought of using it for a project, I looked into building it (the Unicode support) into IC and tried.

The patch

Get it here: ic5.2.0-unicode.patch.

This is a patch for Interchange version 5.2.0.  When you apply it, Interchange will:

The patch is not complete.  It does not fix:


But it may be useful as an example, a starting point, that shows how to procede if you want to finish it.

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