Qvwm source version 1.1.12 http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/q/qvwm/qvwm_1.1.12.orig.tar.gz plus patches to version 1.1.12-3 from Debian.org http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/q/qvwm/qvwm_1.1.12-3.diff.gz (downloaded on 2006-03-16) 2006-03-16 Ivan Kurmanov, http://ahinea.com/en/ * Fixed: window and taskbar button naming is now based on WM_NAME window property primarily and WM_ICON_NAME as the second best. This avoids "Untitled" name for some applications/windows. * Added restart item to the default start menu * Two new configuration variables for menu look preferences: DefaultMenuItemIcon and DefaultFolderIcon * New configuration variable: DisableTaskbarDragging. Should speak for itself. 2006-03-17 Ivan Kurmanov * Window maximization is now more intuitive: if a window is maximized already, it is restored when you press Alt-Enter. (QVWM_MAXIMIZE function is now toggling the maximized state, so for an already maximized window it does Restore instead. There is also new QVWM_MAXIMIZE_ONEWAY function for the old, unconditional behaviour.) * Respect INIT_MAXIMIZE and INIT_MINIMIZE window options (as configured in .qvwmrc) on qvwm restart * Startmenu's logo (which is usually a vertically-laid text) is now optional * Internal: CreateImageFromFile() now does not choke on an empty string 2006-03-19 Ivan Kurmanov * Removed useless shit lines from the taskbar (between the start button and the task buttons, and between the task buttons and the system tray area) * Menu item icons are now centered in their little cells. For sub-menus a little folder icon is now hard-coded default, but there is no longer a default for non-folder menu items. (Previously there was an ugly X icon default.) * MenuItemMinimalHeight configuration variable. Sets the default height of the menu items. Default value: 18; * Left margin fixed for menu items (it was too big) 2006-03-20 Ivan Kurmanov * Fixed tooltip flicker, which happened sometimes at screen bottom. * Menu drawing-padding (left margin) and positioning improved. Care taken to avoid putting a menu out of the visible screen boundary, if possible. Menu items' height now depends on the font used, but MenuItemMinimalHeight variable is still respected. * Two new externally-accessible functions for window management: QVWM_FOCUS and QVWM_RAISE_FOCUS; via remote command interface they accept a window name parameter. 2006-03-21 * Reimplemented task switcher layout. It is now vertical, like a menu. In case, when there are lots of windows open, it will scroll vertically as you go through the window list. It will keep the appropriate part of it visible. Also, system does not longer freeze while you switch tasks. * Fixed a bug which stopped qvwm from reading the .qvwmrc file on restart, if it had found a syntax error there in the past. So, even if you had corrected the rc file, you still were forced to quit and start it. Not anymore. * Added xterm to the default hard-coded start menu. (You'll be able to start xterm if qvwm failed to parse its config file.) * Disabling and enabling taskbar now changes maximum window sizes accordingly (but not immediately). 2006-03-25 released qvwm 1.1.12-6-IKu * Fixed a little menu drawing glitch: checked mark (a tick) and selected mark (a bullet) were not aligned with the item name text. (Would only be noticible with a significantly larger than default MenuItemMinimalHeight value.) 2006-03-28 released qvwm 1.1.12-7-IKu * Now will try harder to find a suitable or any at all font to use as the default. (Patch comes from Kenichi Kourai.) * Do not include file. (Patch comes from Debian's version 1.1.12-4.) * Made animated image support configurable at compile-time and disabled by default. 2006-04-01 * New qv_deanimate utility, which is a simple tool to extract the first frame's image from an animated image file. * Fixed a little restart bug, which caused windows with INIT_MAXIMIZE to be maximized over the taskbar. * Brought the manpage man/qvwm.man up-to-date with all my changes. (Only the English version.) 2006-04-01 released qvwm 1.1.12-8-IKu 2007-05-09 16:11 * Fixed a menu problem: when a menu is drawn under the mouse pointer, menu immediately reacted as if the user moved the pointer. The menu item under the pointer would immediately be given focus. (A submenu would be open, if there is one.) This is fixed now. The mouse pointer makes a difference only when it was moved by the user. * Better handling of taskbar enabling/disabling. Recalculate sizes of other windows and reposition them. * fixed: segmentation fault when focus is at the root window (desktop?) and user tries application-window-specific commands like QVWM_MAXIMIZE and similar.